Beach Decorations

The weather has been great this week! It’s really nice to feel the sunshine! Along with the weather, I have been thinking a lot about what to do with my collection of shells. I decided to take them and put them into glass containers and place them around the house. I am going to incorporate candles into the mix at some point.


One of the glass containers full of beach shells I have collected.



Spring is Coming

I learned some news just in time for Spring. The flowerbed in front of our new home is required to be maintained to make sure the property looks nice. Because we live on a base we often have to follow regulations about the upkeep of the yard. Even though I planned on keeping it neat anyway, it has made me start thinking about what I will plant in it. I’m not yet but I am going to look into different flower types online to get some ideas. It should be fun! Wish me luck!

Wall Decor

Since my last post I was able to take some pictures from my new house. I will post one of my living room and attach it towards the bottom. The latest update on my house this week was the purchasing of wall decorations! I went to the local mall and found some very cool canvas and wooden paintings to hang on my walls. It was funny that we were discussing color this week considering how much I was using it in my shopping adventures. My main color theme I am using in my living room is blue and black. I can’t wait to paint the walls!Image

First Blog!

A little bit about myself:

This is my first blog and I will be using it to document my adventures over the next few months. I have recently moved to Jacksonville, North Carolina and will be beginning the next phase of my life there. This includes furnishing a house, completing my online classes and transferring to a new college, as well as adjusting to being away from family and friends. I will also be adding a new pet to the family, a puppy.

So far, I have begun furnishing the house and have most things in place except for a few end tables. I have some decorating I would like to do and some painting, but most of that is going to wait until school is not so busy. I am going for a beach theme (Shells, Ocean, Sand, Sun, Seagulls, etc..).

Eternity begins and ends with the oceans tides – Unknown

Overall I have gotten done many things I needed to before moving so the future is looking bright! My next post is going to be more focused on my decorating ideas! Hopefully I will be able to include some images. Until next time.